Fantasy API Update 2011-01-19: Apologies, Waivers, and March Madness

Hi everyone! I'll start out by saying that I'm very sorry for not having any presence around these forums for the last month -- I took a reasonable amount of time off around Christmas and have been having trouble getting through all of my backlog since getting back. I will definitely make more of an effort to answer questions here more regularly and will work tomorrow on getting through the large backlog of outstanding threads. And Happy New Year, I guess!

A few updates about the API that you may not have noticed over the past month:

  • We've added support for waivers! Now, when you submit a standard Add request on a player that happens to be on waivers, it'll actually submit the claim instead of just complaining to you. It'll also return back a waiver transaction resource, which you can modify (changing the priority or FAAB bid) or delete if desired. We're hoping to get support for trades finished up somewhere down the line as well.
  • We have basic support for our March Madness games! Tournament Pick'em (as we call it) is one of our largest games, and so we're trying to get all of the basic services built out. This will include retrieving a user's groups and teams, viewing basic information about the tournament bracket, and being able to see all of the picks that the user has made.
  • Along with that, we're working on getting the very, very basic services to view a user's groups and teams set up for all of our Pick'em games. Most of that code is done, just working on testing and rolling it out.
  • I finally finished up that bug I'd filed against myself for letting you see the full schedule of matchups for a single team. Was surprisingly tricky. tongue.gif

Hopefully I'll get a better idea about the state of the world after going through all of the threads tomorrow. I'll also try to provide further information about the features mentioned above once I can get the documentation thrown together -- feel free to start a thread if you begin playing around with them and need some help with anything, though.

(note: Tournament Pick'em won't be launching for a little bit, so there's not much you should be able to do with it now -- however, last year's game ID was 239, if you're curious)

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  • *huff* *puff* Okay, that was an hour and a half of replies. Bumping this thread back up because I think it's interesting.
  • Hi,
    I was searching through the forums and came across this post. I noticed that the final bullet point says that you finished up a bug for looking up the full schedule for a single team. My question is, how is this done? What does the query look like?
  • Hi Sean, I've been looking for more info about your March Madness API offering. Can you point me in the right direction?


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