Do you know the mean of edit_key

Hi I would like know what is the mean of edit_key, this is for the NFL players

Thanks for any help

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  • Aug 3, 2011
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  • The edit_key or roster_key is just how we index rosters for teams. The reason it's named a little bit strangely is that we have the same concept of time ranges that rosters describe in all of our Full games (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), but NFL is a week based game, while the others are date based game.

    So, basically, the edit_key in NFL will be a week, and the edit_key in NBA, MLB, or NHL will be a date. It's basically describing which roster will be affected if you add, drop, or trade a player right now. For example, if the edit_key is returned back as August 5th (and it's August 4th), that means that if you try to add a player right now, he'll only show up on your roster for August 5th. Or, in NFL, if the edit_key is 7, that means that if you add a player right now, he'll be put on your week 7 roster.

    Does that make sense?

    QUOTE(ro @ 3 Aug 2011 12:39 PM)
    Hi I would like know what is the mean of edit_key, this is for the NFL players

    Thanks for any help

  • Wow, this makes so much more sense now!  I always ignored that value, but as I'm soon going to be adding roster edits to my app, it's incredibly helpful to know this.  Any chance you could get this in the docs at some point?

    Actually, it'd be great if there were a published schema for the response XML that we could look at, including the possible values for enum-like fields, like <scoring_type>, which presumably has values like "head", "point", "roto", "head_roto", etc.  I'm never quite sure that I've written my XML parsing code to capture all the possible values, so it'd be good to know what the enum definition is.  That's assuming there's an enum at all, and it's not just a set of string constants in your backend, in which case, perhaps just a doc that details what the options are?  I know, that's a lot of work, so not a huge deal, but it'd be great to get that type of info if possible!



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