Cannot Retrieve All Types of Stats (NBA)

Hi All,

I've just started working with Yahoo API for Fantasy NBA, and I hit a wall just now with retrieving player statistics.  Regardless of how I retrieve stats (through players resource or team/roster resource), I can only retrieve the following stats:

Stat_id    Stat Name
3 FG Attempts
4 FG Made
5 FG %
6 FT Attempts
7 FT Made
8 FT %
10 3PT Made
12 Points
15 Rebounds
16 Assists
17 Steals
18 Blocks
19 Turnovers

I can live without being able to get the number of persoanl fouls or minutes played, but I really want to at least be able to get 3PT Attempts and 3PT %.

Is there some filters that I need to supply to get more stats?


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  • Sorry, still new here, not sure if there's a way to edit (didn't find one).  
    I did a bit more search in the forums and found a similar topic:
    It seems it's possible to get the stats I want if I pull from a game context.  But what I want to do is get those stats for my fantasy league.... and I don't think it'd be easy if I tried to pull that using the game context.
    So is there a way to get all the stats from League or Team context?

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