Can we select stats that are not displayed on the team pages

My league uses OBP but the roster only lists H/AB. I want to be able to access the stats needed to calculate OBP using YQL.

The examples that are in the YQL Console only show the same stats that I already can access via the HTML page.

Can I select other stats and if so how? If not then this is a waste of time.

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  • Consider this a waste of time then...

  • Thanks for the replies Ben. I do appreciate them.

    It is unfortunate that I can not view stats for players that are not displayed, especially since I am in an OBP league but the stats that go into that are not displayed.

    The Roto league I run used to use average and I was able to write a program that would read the stat data from each team's daily stats. This would allow the user to select a range of dates. The output would be the standings for that time period. I thought it was cool to see who was the best team in May and so forth.

    Then we switched to OBP but the displayed stats did not change so I was never able to get that program running with OBP as the needed data was not available.

    I had hoped that the YQL would allow me to get access to the data I needed (SF, HBP, Walks). Unfortunately it can not.

    Thanks again for the help Clayton


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