Can't verify domain to get started.

I was just trying to get started to see if I can figure out how to work with this API. I have registered my app and obtained the keys, secrets etc, and it now it wants to verify my domain. It's a free sub-domain hosting account.

My domain, as entered into YDN's project application is: http://www.hockey.66ghz.com/

I cannot edit this URL in the application form.

They have provided me with a verification filename.html that I must put into the domain's document root, which I have done, but the verification test fails. However, I can use the exact URL they are testing (http://www.hockey.66ghz.com/verification_doc.html) and I can load the verification file just fine. So it exists, it works, it should pass. I'm stumped and disappointed. I could not find a contact directly to a support person, everything redirects here.

Judging from most of the other messages and responses here, there are no Yahoo staff paying attention or helping out, so I'm not too optimistic about my chances of success (or even progress) with this project. It's sad.


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