Always get token_rejected error when trying to call yahoo contacts API

In according to yahoo documentation I went through following steps:

recieve request token redirect user to yahoo auth page on callback page use token from GET parameter to get oauth_token receive oauth_token and trying to call contacts api to get list of contacts with GET request by following url:

http://social.yahooapis.com/v1/user/'.$xoauth_yahoo_guid. '/contacts?format=json&oauth_consumer_key='._YH_APP_CK. '&oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_nonce=noncedata&oauth_version=1.0'. '&oauth_signature='._YH_APP_SK.'%26'.$_SESSION['yahoo_token_secret']. '&oauth_token='.$oauth_token. '&oauth_timestamp='.date_timestamp_get(date_create());


$xoauth_yahoo_guid // user id _YH_APP_CK // consumer key _YH_APP_SK // consumer secret key $_SESSION['yahoo_token_secret'] // secret token that was received from yahoo

I used PLAINTEXT as oauth_signature_method and concatenated secret key and secret token to set signature as said in documentation but still I get token_rejected error, can anybody help me find the cause? Thanks.

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