API Down?

Can anyone confirm that the API is down?  I am getting 999 returned on calls that were working minutes before.

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  • Does anyone know how long the lockout is in place for?
  • The lockout appears to last at least several hours, also there appears to be some non-publicized query limiting that occurs.  I am no where near 10,000 queries per hour or 50,000 per day and have added a preventative measure to my code to prevent me from making more than one call every 2 seconds.  

    Also, are the usage reports down?  When I download my usage CSV it is completely empty with the exception of the header data.  

    Another question, did Yahoo layoff all their support people?
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  • Not much to answer here, unfortunately. We don't have support people for this forum -- have never actually been staffed for it -- and most of us who have worked on the Fantasy APIs are busy with other projects, which is why we've been unable to add any official responses here. Regarding your initial problem, because there is no commercial licensing or really official partnership situations with these APIs, the rate limiting is handled in significantly less transparent a way than really enforcing 10,000 reqs per hour or 50,000 reqs per day. You're probably hitting a rate limit of some sort and backing off the number of requests that you make would make sense. If you keep feeling like you're rate limited in some way, then the best I can suggest is for you to make fewer requests still and see if that helps.

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