Need a question answered.............. In my fantasy baseball league could a league manager veto a trade by changing me from unlocked to locked not once but 6 times he did this in a row. which in reality he would only need one vote in my 12 man league to veto my trade with out hardly anyone else voting.

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  • Aug 1, 2011
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  • Not really germane to this forum, since your question doesn't have anything to do with the fantasy webservices. Also, you don't really give much useful information to go off of in your description of the problem. :P I'd generally say that locking/unlocking your team has nothing to do with vetoing a trade, but the commissioner (who is the only one able to lock/unlock your team) has plenty of other ways to make a trade not go through, including locking your team from trading, or changing the league settings to commish approval and then disapproving your trade. If your commissioner is making your life difficult, there's not a whole lot to do aside from getting better commissioners. :|

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