specify width/size of individual tabs in TabStrip

I have a TabStrip where I would like to control the width of each TabStripButton, or at least limit them so that they don't span the entire TabStrip. There are only two tabs and the labels are quite short so I would prefer to shorten the tabs. Is there a way to do this?

this.controls.navTabs = new KONtx.control.TabStrip({
guid: "navTabs",
defaultTab: 1,
tabs: [{label: 'one', value: '1' }, {label: 'two', value: '2' }],
styles: {width:this.width, height:29, vOffset:100},
events: {
onTabSelect: function(event) {



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  • Although you cannot specify the width of individual tab buttons in the config of a TabStrip, using a smaller width in the TabStrip's config.styles block may result in an effect similar to what you requested.

    This control, like most of the other sidebar controls, was designed and developed to span the width of the sidebar. "Shorter" tabs and empty space will probably result in an awkward visual appearance. Hopefully you want the tabs shorter because you have a plan to fill the resulting empty space :)

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