Video Playback Birate Detection Issue

Having trouble getting the video to load AFTER bitrate is properly detected. Every time my widget does a createView where the video player resides, the player generates an error at first due to a null value for the bitrate. But subsequent attempts to load the video are successful.

Here's the log for the first attempt, showing where bitrate detection happens ( "CHECKING BANDWIDTH") which indicates the following command is executing:



WM 00:00:10:260: [T:12772] [KONtx/My Widget ] {ControlVideoTransportOverlayButton-96} :: focus
EM 00:00:10:260: [T:12772] WIDGET VIEW WINDOW DELAYING FOCUS TO VIEW(Frame452[0xc28f658 REFS=2] Frame "") NODE([0xc28f218 REFS=4 DOC=0xae80088 DEPTH=0x4 SCRIPTOBJ=0xc28fee0 JSOBJ=0xc28c458] <frame> 'ControlVideoTransportOverlayButton-96.element' )
WM 00:00:10:261: [T:12772] ===========================CHECKING BANDWIDTH===========================
WM 00:00:10:261: [T:12772] +++++++++++++++++++++++++ BANDWIDTH CHECK COMPLETE+++++++++++++++++++++++
WM 00:00:10:261: [T:12772]
WM 00:00:10:266: [T:12772]
WM 00:00:10:266: [T:12772]
WM 00:00:10:267: [T:12772] Unable to load video. Most probably cause was no supported bitrate for this connection {
bitrate => NaN,
video => {
urls => [
0 => {
bitrate => 300,
url => http://www.myserver.com/tvwidgets/video/myvideo.wmv
blockedKeys => [

data => ,
startIndex => ,
allowOverlay => false
videoplayer => [KONtx/My Widget] {VideoPlayer-105}
WM 00:00:10:267: [T:12772]

Is a limitation of the video player built into the WDK, or some other issue???


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  • Correction: badwidth check was done with:

    KONtx.speedtest.profileConnection(function(speed) { KONtx.messages.store("bandwidthBitrate", speed); });

    So I moved that out to /core/API.js and that seemed to solve my problem, but is it cool to do that ?
  • Sure. We actually run it when te widget is started in the "onApplicationStartup" event.

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