Remote Back Button on Vizio

We have started the submission process and have run into a problem with the back button on Vizio remotes. The back button works as expected on Samsung Tv, Intel Development platform and in Simulator. We don't have a Vizio unit to test with and reading through the docs and forums could not find an explanation for this problem. We are using standard KONtx library and side view. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Exact Report:
[Vizio] Back button NOT working throughout the widget
Build : Vizio (engine 5.4.8)
Framework : 1.3.18.E


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  • Please send in an email to tvwidgets@yahoo-inc.com providing your widget ID and version. This is something a developer will have to look at on your code to really help with as this is not a bug which has been seen in a widget before to my knowledge.

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