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I am trying to playback some MP4 files in my widget.I am following the 'Mediaplayer sample' -code of the widgetdevelopment kit.I can playback the videos , but its coming as a detached view from the MediaTransportOverlay.Also the size of the player is very small , while the overlay is in Full screen.But for the wmv file is behaving correctly(Vide is playing on top of the overlay).The' Play' , ' Pause' , and 'stop' buttons are working as expected.Also my 'rewind' and 'fastforward' buttons are not working.Can any of you tell me how to solve these problems ??I am attaching my code for the rewind and fast forward.

this.controls.overlay = new KONtx.control.MediaTransportOverlay({
rewindButton : true,
fastforwardButton: true,

events: {
onTransportButtonPress:(function(event) {
switch(event.payload.button) {
case 'rewind':

case 'fastforward':

KONtx.mediaplayer.speed = 2;




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  • Hello,

    You can find documentation for the media player here:


    See the section on Streaming Transport.

    Some device-specific media players support seeking to particular times inside a piece of media by
    jumping to a relative or absolute offset. Video-seeking and time index changes require a special version
    of GStreamer (0.10.23) to test on the Simulator, so typically time index testing occurs on the TV/device.
    To support stopping at a particular point in a video, the event onTimeIndexChanged fires at one second
    intervals. Currently none of the devices in production support fast forward and rewind over HTTP

    See the section on Playing Video in the Widget Development Simulator.

    The Simulator uses the video playback software library GStreamer to decode and render video.
    Typically, the software rendering provided by GStreamer is much slower than hardware optimized
    rasterization. You may find that for certain videos, the audio and video playback is not in sync. This is
    not representative of the media player behavior on Connected TV devices, but is an artifact of the
    Simulator’s use of GStreamer.

    Hope this helps,

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