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I'm looking to create a login dialog that duplicates the functionality of the Yahoo Login, such that the dialog stays open during verification through a remote server, and shows "Login failed - please try again" in red box above keypad (just like the Yahoo Login does) while dialog is still open.

Is this possible? Currently it seems like the callback is only executed after the dialog is closed (i.e. user clicks "Sign In")


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  • This is not currently possible via any means. The closest you could do is to reshow the dialog again if the authentication fails and update the message text to say so.
  • Roger that. Too bad, though , as the Yahoo Login is simpler and more elegant than multiple popups.

    But I have the latter running so we'll go with that. Thanks for the quick reply, Jeremy.
  • Agree it's much more elegant. I'll see what we can do to add support for something like that in the future.

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