Hide grid lines

Is it possible to hide grid lines?

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  • QUOTE (Nithya @ Feb 4 2010, 11:09 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Is it possible to hide grid lines?

    It looks like you'll need to create your own GridCell component and theme and use that in place of KONtx.control.GridCell.

    Try something like this (I haven't tested this):

    Theme.storage.add('PlainGridCell', $merge(Theme.storage.get('ControlGridCell'),
    renderSkin : function(state, w, h, args, theme) {
    var ff = new Frame();
    ff.preserve_layers = true;

    ff.width = w;
    ff.height = h;

    if (state=='focused') theme.applyLayer('BaseFocusGlow', ff);

    return ff;

    PlainGridCell = new KONtx.Class({
    ClassName : 'PlainGridCell',
    Extends : KONtx.control.GridCell
  • Or just use KONtx.element.Grid instead of KONtx.control.Grid. The control.* variety simply provides additional theming. If you aren't happen with the theming on the grid, your best option is to use the other class.


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