Design restrictions


I read through both:

* Yahoo! Widget Engine TV Widget Acceptance Criteria
* Design Guidelines on the Developer Guide

I can't seem to find indications on which design overloads result in rejection. I mean, suppose I decide to have a fullscreen view with square pink buttons and a green background. Where does it say whether I can do it or not?


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  • You shouldn't have any issues with designing the full-screen view in the way you described. I believe you have control of the design of the full screen in full-screen view.
  • In general, sidebars should look somewhat similar to the existing widgets. With regards to fullscreen, you have much more flexibility (take a look at the fullscreen games on the platform for example). If you are concerned, send your mockups / design diagrams to tvwidgets@yahoo-inc.com and someone from our design team would be happy to review it and provide comments.


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