Clearing TextEntryButton

Is it possible to clear the TextEntryButton after the 'OK'.
I process the input text in the 'onSubmit' event of the button.
If the data is correct, I want to clear the inputted text.
I tried setValue, setText on the button.
I see that after this is called, there is a setValue called with the inputted data.
Any way around this??

THANX in advance

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  • This is a difficult question to answer without more info. Can you provide some source code to have a look at? Any more info is helpful.

  • Pretty straight forward here with removed style stuff:
    this.controls.pinNumber = new KONtx.control.TextEntryButton({
    events: {
    onSelect: function(event) {
    log("value set!")
    onSubmit: function(event) {
    log("Password: " + event.payload.value);
    com.Utilities.setCurrentOrderLoginPin(event.payload.value );
  • There are three "masking" options. The default is unmasked, the second draws * instead of each letter your type 'mask-all', and the third replaces the characters with *'s after you hit enter 'mask-submitted'. Perhaps that will give you some of the desired behavior? Another option is adding a time delayed callback to clear the text.

    This is from my working application:

            that.controls.password_text_entry = new KONtx.control.TextEntryButton({
    id: 'pw-entry-button',
    label: $_('password'),
    secureMask: true,
    secureMaskType: 'mask-all',
    styles: {
    vOffset: toff

    Hope that helps!
  • Hey jsl4tv, going through the forums and making sure any issues are resolved. Did you ever get a resolution here? I know it's an old post :)
  • Hi Austin. Thanks for the follow up! But I am not the original poster. Bill, issue resolved?


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