CJK and other unicode in simulator

I am working on some software for Japanese speakers, and might end up doing other CJK languages in the future. How do I get the characters to show up correctly in my simulator? My favorite text editor (emacs) is happy putting Unicode into Localizable.strings, but the 540 simulator I have shows "box substitute" characters rather than the Japanese (kanji or kana) characters I expected. What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to do?

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  • Ping?

    What information can Yahoo! give me about supported character sets on the various TV's and simulators? Is there anything I need to do special other than put UTF8 encoded text into Localizable.strings ? (Have limited time? Answer my other recent post about video first please.)
  • Hi,
    The WDK doesn't include fonts for CJK, so hence the mojibake appears. Same thing happens on a desktop if your font doesn't include the character being shown.

    - Ben

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