how to get yahoo contacts list

In my web application the user logs in with yahoo credentials and should be able to get his contacts litst? What is the procedure to get the list

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  • We have tried all the way including python/jython scrips but not success, let me know if anyone gets any solution

  • Luv u all

  • Same problem here. I am using Yahoo Social php5 SDK. I am being unable to get the contacts.

  • i need contact

  • I get authorization error msg + "OK to close window now." What gives? I have to export my Yahoo! mail contacts to my gmail because Yahoo! compose locks up when I try to click a contact into any address bar. Closing Yahoo! mail and re-opening with login has no corrective effect. I'm SICK of Yahoo! mail !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got false when i cal getContact() function. What is the solution

  • Hello Guys,

    I was also suffered from same issue. But today I got the solution for the same. In current update yahoo allowing access to contact api only through "https". So you need to edit your "yahoo.inc" file. Replace all "http" by "https" protocol

    Note : - While replacing the "http" by "https", please make sure your site url wont get replaced. Feel free to post your status here.

    Thank You.


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