Yahoo authorization in php for multiple users to retrieve contacts

Actually I am working on a live project[JOB PORTAL] where users need to log in with yahoo account and let users import their contacts !!

I have tried out with yahoo php 5 sdk [O_auth] ! It logs in with mine set of keys[secret,tokens] and extracts too ! But I need it for my website where user logs in and agrees for it and gets the contacts from his mail !

Please can anybody suggest me what changes i should make it to my php files ??? Can anyone please suggest a step by step procedure how to do it ??

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  • http://www.idiotminds.com/get-the-contacts-list-from-yahoo-account/

  • Hey Markandey, Thanks for the post & demo ! But as the demo is working the files are not doing so ! As I get the same image diplayed again and again ! same as above problems stated ! But I strictly followed your steps,created the set of keys with social profile read public changed even ! but the same problem persists ! Whats is the problem with it ? As it is not redirecting to the yahoo login page , where it should authenticate too ! Please provide me a solution ! where i should get the output as your demo ?


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