Yahoo Contacts API not working according to the documentation

Hi all,

I am experiencing a problem with the Json version of the Contacts API. According to the documentation at http://developer.yahoo.com/social/rest_api_guide/contact-resource.html#ElementsOfContactObject the JSON for a contact should look something like this:

"uri": "http:\/\/social.yahooapis.com\/v1/user\/XYZUHL23NH5DGGGGXM\/contact\/2",
..... "fields":

...... {
"uri": "http:\/\/social.yahooapis.com\/v1\/user\/XYZUHL23NH5DGGGGXM\/contact\/2\/email\/2",
"created": "2008-08-28T01:07:55Z",
"updated": "2008-08-28T01:07:55Z",
"id": 2,
"type": "email",
"value": "quirky@yahoo.com",
"flags": []
} }

However, I sometimes get no contacts, some other time I get the email in a field with type yahooid and some other times I do get the expected content instead. The behavior changes from e-mail account to the e-mail account but always using the same application.

Any thought?

Thanks in advance!

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