Problem when creating a contact with birthday or anniversary


When I create a contact with POST to http://social.yahooapis.com/v1/user/GUID/contacts everything works well until I add "birthday" or "anniversary" fields to the request - when I try any of these, yahoo returns response code 400 (Bad Request) with the following messages:

Request has malformed syntax or bad query
detail: invalid input: day not found

I create a contact with JSON, request body is (as you see, "day" field is there):


I'm facing exactly the same problem when I set "type" of the second field to "anniversary". When I remove birthday or anniversary field, everything works great and yahoo creates a contact wirth familyName = "testing". I also have no problems with other fields - all fields are created fine, everything goes well until I add "birthday" or "anniversary".

Request headers are:

"accept-encoding" => "gzip"
"content-length" => 125
"content-type" => "application/json"

Does anybody have any experience with creating contacts with birthdays or anniversaries set? Any advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  • I'm encountering the same bug nice to know it's been broken for nearly 3 years and this forum is nothing but crickets.

  • OK... I figured it out!

    year, month, and day must be integers! "day":"9" = "day not found" "day":9 = "success"

    file this under "red herring terrible error message"


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