Problem redirecting to iOS app using YOS after authentication

Hi all,

I am using YOS framework (one I got from GitHub) to retrieve the contact information of my Yahoo! account. The sample provided there is OK except, after successful authentication using Safari; it is not redirected to my iOS app. Searched web for so long time (1 month) got no suitable answer and also from YDN.

And I also read some posts in YDN Forum that, developers are no quite satisfied with YOS Framework and its documentation. And found that, they have not got suitable answers from YDN. I don't even know that, will I ever get any useful reply for this post or not?

Please, help me out if you think it should be replied. Thanks.

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  • What is your question?

  • I have also the problem with yos-social-objc-master project i found in github. after login with yahoo credential. I always got a page and a code xxxx with below lines "To complete sharing of yahoo! info with xxxx, enter code xxxx into xxxx" So, I am not getting that where I should enter this code? And how will it redirect to my application. So that I can get contact list. I have done R&D on it. but didnt get any appropriate solution. Please help me out,how can i resolve this issue.


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