How to Integrate Yahoo Contact API in adnroid application?

i want to fetch all email id and name from yahoo contact api,http://developer.yahoo.com/social/contacts/ here i have read a documentation for yahoo contact api,by login by my account i have created api key and consumer key,i am able to see json response online,now my problem is that how to integrate such thing in android,(i.e how to get such json response in android),there is a lack of documentation for android regarding this api.i have also read this http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Fantasy-Sports-API/Yahoo-API-for-Android-application/1325574236600-f1a6913c-07c4-4ef8-85d9-a33a6662ba54 but it making me more confuse,can any one guide me on a proper way that how to use this api in android application.


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