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Is there a place in the Yahoo! Developer guides that has information regarding third-party syncing with CardDAV? Specifically the URI endpoints needed to REPORT, GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE requests.

Any information is useful.

Thanks, Rob

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  • I would also like to know the answer. Searching the web didn't help. Did you find solution?

  • Hi Alena,

    I actually was able to find a solution.

    The endpoint is https://carddav.address.yahoo.com/dav/ /Contacts/

    Unfortunately, the service is not entirely reliable. There seems to be a limit on requests before it locks out the account from CardDav access. When this happens it will give a 401 error and save invalid username/password. It usually opens back up CardDav access within a day.

    Also, you want to make sure you set your Cache-Control and Max-Age headers such that they tell the server to never cache. Their server seems to cache everything and the data can be out of date, but telling it not to cache seems to work for me.

    Other than that, follow standard CardDav protocol (you can skip the current-user-principal). The server seems to work with the same functions as Google's CardDav (https://developers.google.com/google-apps/carddav/).

    My web app, http://www.cloudpim.info currently utilizes Yahoo! CardDav. If you get a chance to try it out I would be more than happy to hear if it worked for you.


  • For some reason is clipped the URL I posted.


    Just replace yahoo_username with your Yahoo! email address.



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