Need developer for Yahoo Boss Project

Project Description:

Integrate the Yahoo! Search Boss search API into our website and enable advanced search functionality.

Functional Requirements:
- Ensure frequently indexed content and fresh search data
- Demonstrate ability to adjust settings for improved results (more recent = more relevant)
- Search includes results from 3 website sections
- Ability to refine search to just include results for specific website sections or parameters like categories, tags, # of comments (e.g. http://search.techcrunch.com/query.php?s=iphone)
- Ability to sort search by relevancy (default), # of Comments, Date
- Display Image thumbnail in results (where image is available)
- Search page will fit into current design template
- Include drill down links in results for comments and tags in the article results
- Clean, efficient, commented code with record of changes
- Demonstrate search results integrated together in a single results set and also separately (by website section)

- Redhat Linux with PHP5 & MySQL 5
- Using Disqus commenting system
- Custom Built CMS
- Development server provided

Note: This project will be focused on demonstrating the functionality of the Yahoo Search Boss API. A Follow up project will refine search functionality and appearance to prepare for moving into production.

Candidate Requirements:
- Experience with Yahoo Search Boss
- Excellent php/mysql/xml experience

If you are interested in this project, please email me at rob_dabney@yahoo.com and include your relevant experience and a quote.

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