I need help with a Picture Frame Simulator for an online Art Gallery.

blink.gif Hello everyone,

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I am a client with a PHP MySQL ecommerce art gallery site that needs a picture frame simulator, anyone did one of those? Or, possibly would like to make me an offer? I need it to do as follows:

1. User has selections made. We got it done so far.
2. Mat needs to go around the image first and gets adjusted... narrower or wider as needed.
3. User selects a frame moulding from db that goes around the earlier.
4. Prices are calculated as image sizes are modified from selector.
5. PDF Purchase Order is generated after final picklist is done, or Shopping Cart/Picklist goes to checkout.
in the event you would like to review site... http://www.omega-arts.com is where you can find us.

Thanks for your interest and help!


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