DEVELOPER WANTED: Seeking a Developer in Phoenix, AZ

Hello, All!

Sharp Decisions is a recruiting firm with a 22 year reputation of placing IT professionals in top-tiered firms. Currently, we are seeking a DEVELOPER to be based in Phoenix, AZ.

The primary responsibility of the Developer will be to work on an IT project to combine all existing client-server applications and all business processes without a supporting application into a single deparmental web-based application.

The DEVELOPER should have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Knowledge of JSF 2.0 or highter, PrimeFaces or other interface widgets, Spring, Hibernate with Oracle 11g, HTML 5, UML, and GIS integration

  • Familiarity with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, and their complexities and quirks

  • Knowledge of complex reporting tools

  • Experience with data communication security and privacy techniques

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