The 2.4.12 update

Howdy all,

This Tuesday we pushed version 2.4.12 of the BrowserPlus platform. This update, like 2.4.9, includes a couple small focused fixes. There may be more drops in the coming weeks as we continue an aggressive period of QA.

Here's an idea of some of the fixes in 2.4.12:
* Fixes related to proper functioning on windows when certain AntiVirus software in installed
* Fix a regression introduced in 2.4.9 which would have caused platform update to fail in certain circumstances (fix is automatic, no user interaction required)
* Change the way update is performed - before we would wait until you navigate away from the page using browserplus to perform an update. Now we perform the update immediately, so that upon page reload you're using the new software.

As always, keep the reports coming!

till the next,

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