Platform 2.4.8, some new services, and some new tools

We're pleased to announce the general availability of BrowserPlus platform 2.4.8, some updated developer tools, and a shiny new service! Here's an itemized list of what's new and what's changed:

BrowserPlus platform 2.4.8 includes:
  1. Experimental support for 3 new languages (Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian)
  2. Experimental support for windows 7
  3. Oodles of bugfixes and stability improvements.

The new and improved Service Explorer comes with the following enhancements:
  1. Allows parameters to be specified for all argument types (including callbacks and file handles)
  2. Automatically provides callback arguments for all functions
  3. Improved parameter help
  4. Improved provision of default parameters

Additionally we've shipped a new version of the Uploader service that supports cross domain uploads via a crossdomain.xml file hosted on the upload target. This is the same tried and true mechanism that flash employs to provide a similar feature, and you can read all about the file format on Adobe's site.

Finally, we've push an alpha version of a brand new service, PublishSubscribe, this service allows secure cross-document and even cross-browser messaging. Check out our code demo for a visceral idea of how this works.

Finally, thanks to all who continue to work with us and provide feedback in our forums and on IRC, don't be strangers!

Till the next,
The BrowserPlus team

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