BW measuremt configuration

I am trying to use the bw measurements portion of the boomerang. These are my settings:
BOOMR.init({user_ip: '', BW: { base_url: 'http://www.xxxxxx.com./yahboom/images/',
cookie: 'ICTBW',cookie_exp:90,
nruns:10, timeout:40000
} });

I tested the bw measurements that are returned at 1Mbps thru 10 Mbps. At around 8 Mbps the measurements returned by boomerang are not reliable and are always lower by about 1Mbps. Are there any configuration settings I can change to improve the accuracy at higher speeds? Also at higher speeds the latency value is not being returned consistently.

Any pointers are appreciated.


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  • The bandwidth should be within 30% of actual value. I think 1M out of 8M is probably okay. It's not meant to give you the exact bandwidth value, only an order of magnitude. The test will also be affected by network jitter and other noise that shows up on the network.
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