doubt regarding the config.xml file

I have a doubt regarding the config.xml file.

I have a file named greet.xml uploaded on my server

The file looks like this....

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
// index.xml
// by Travis Young
// Copyright 2009 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.
// This code is part of the Yahoo! Mobile Widget SDK, governed by
// the Yahoo! Mobile Widget Developer Terms of Use at:
// http://info.yahoo.com/legal/us/yahoo/mobil...dvlpr-2070.html
// Simple Hello World! widget - blueprint only.
<header layout="simple">
<block class="title">Greeting</block>
<block>Hello World!</block>

Now in the config.xml file i have specified the shortcut as

<item default="true">
<href>greet.xml</href> <!-- for xml-only version, change to index.bp -->

but still I get an error saying "We have run into a problem processing your last request! Please try again later. (: 406)"

Can someone tell me whats the problem...

here's my id for blueprint service : devtest-harrya245in-myfirstapp

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  • Sorry, just saw the last line of your post. We are looking into it.
  • It seems to be working for me now.

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