2 months gone an status still Pending


I have been trying to publish a widget for 2 months now. The site is currently ready and I am able to access it.

My issues are that the widget still has status as pending and I can't view it in the widget gallery and hence can't release it to the masses.

I have already sent 3 mails to Yahoo Mobile customer care by filling up support forms with no/wierd responses from them like once I got a support of how to access my Email. Can anyone please contact me at rsingh@indigoarchitects.com and help me solve this problem.

I have already posted in this forum 2wice without any response. Please help me solve this issue. I am willing to add more details over email.


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  • Can you please post or send the identifier specified in the config.xml?

    Blueprint 1.1 does not support Yahoo! Go 3.0 anymore and is entirely focused for building mobile sites that run across thousands of devices in the browser. Any Blueprint 1.1 application can't therefore be approved for the Go gallery.
  • Hi,

    This application that I have built is both compatible with 1.0 and 1.1.

    Site Url is The Id that I am using is http://serendipity.bpapps.com/

    Widget ID : serendipity

    Please let me know if there is any way I can distribute this application to the users using Mobile device and not a browser (both mobile and PC).

  • Rahul,
    you can distribute a mobile site as every other web site by get it indexed from the major search engines or to promote from your own or other web sites. From a platform perspective we are focusing Blueprint to be a platform for mobile web sites that run across thousands of devices rather than being a widget platform that needs a runtime environment for execution.

    Please see also this blog post:

    You Code Once. We Optimize for Thousands.

    We will check with the gallery team on the Blueprint 1.0 compatibility.

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