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I wanted to ask if we can recieve anything like if a user sends a message GetHeadCount to either a service number of yahoo or some 10 digit number and the system into total (yahoo server int with enduser and the coder s server) can read that text content of the sms sent by enduser and reply back via sms itself to that user.Can we design a thin client for mobile user to install on his mobile to interact in blueprint language with yahoo server (which is communicating with enduser device) and yahoo server will follow some standardised protocol to convey the http equivalent of data after some processing(as coded in some lang called bphttp(just for understanding)) sends the http data to the coder s server.How to manage the data from rss feeds.I kindly request to give me some more expanded view of what facilities exactly can the code on coder s server get and where can i get the schema s of those web services.

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  • Can we design softwares(not thin client) (standalone) to be run on all phones.That is coder writes some app in blueprint and it runs on all phones.If mob platform specific blueprint apis expected to be downloaded (and brought into running state by end user s mob s os) then will there be client and thin client design possible for mob user s.
  • For any app s facility to be used by user on mobile a link or widget to it should be available in the wap pages or html pages of some sites.How can we convey(advertise) the existence of our service and in add where can we ask them to click to access our service.Is this service accessible by
    1 non wap phones also(logically i think no:) but just asked for curiosity)
    2 wap phones
    3 phones having browser on them.

    I wanted to know for my curiosity about how is the blueprint packets wrapped within the wap protocol and what software running on some port of mobile s os understands the unwrapped blueprint tags (or packets however it is reffered)
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