Flurry provides a number of resources for app developers who want to stay current with Flurry products and development, as well as learn more about Flurry SDKs, tools, code samples and documentation.

Cheat Sheets

We’ve quick reference cheat sheets for Flurry Analytics and Yahoo App Publishing, summarizing the key concepts in a printable format. You can download these below.

Video Tutorials

The Flurry team has assembled a collection of video tutorials to help you learn and understand more about the features and capabilities available in Flurry from Yahoo, specifically Flurry analytics.

The videos begin with a basic overview and introduction to Flurry and follow this sequence of topics:

  • Overview of Flurry Analytics

  • Custom Event Reporting

  • Advanced Event Features: Segments, Funnels, and User Paths

  • Creating Segments

  • Understanding Retention Metrics

  • User Acquisition Analytics: Getting Started

  • User Acquisition Analytics: Reporting

  • Managing Account Permissions: Adding and Removing Users