Review Your Campaign

On the last step of Campaign Set Up, you may review the campaign details. Click the pencil icon next to Campaign, Targeting or Delivery to revise those options. To change the push message or any payload options, click the pencil next to “Message.”


Test Push

On the right side, below the Live Preview, there is a test push form. Here is where you can send yourself or someone on your team a test push. On iOS, you can enter the IDFA or IDFA here, or toggle to send to a specific push token. On Android, the options are the Advertising ID or the device push token.

If you receive an error when trying to send a test push, take note of the error reason and visit the Test Push Troubleshooting documentation to resolve.

Activating a Campaign

Once you’ve sent yourself a test push and reviewed your Campaign details, go ahead and activate your campaign.


If you are editing an active campaign, any changes made to Targeting, Delivery or the Message itself have already been implemented for the Campaign.