Build Your Message

The second step is where you create the push notification the user will receive. Note that at this point, your new campaign has already been saved as a draft.

This video walks you through the push notification message setup:


If you’re editing an active campaign, any changes on the Build Your Message page will immediately take effect.


Begin by selecting Add Message.

Push Message


First, select the default language of the push. Here is where we input the push text that is shown on screen.

The title is typically short, either reflecting the app name, app section or a short phrase.

The body is where you should input the main push text, including information for the user and possibly a call to action.

Both title and body support emojis. To add emojis, you can use the emoji picker for either field or use a colon “:” to initiate emoji search and select functionality.

Tap Action

The default tap action will open the app. If you implemented deep linking per the Flurry instructions during the SDK integration, you can cut and paste a deep link here and tapping the notification will do that.


Key Value Pairs

You can also send down key value pairs in these fields here. Key value pairs can be any parameters that your app has been set up to handle within the Flurry Push payload.

When you notice the in-browser preview showing an approximation of how the push may appear on the user’s device.

Message Languages

In Flurry Push, you may add one or more secondary languages.

The default language message is sent to everyone in your Targeting set, even those users whose device locale may not match the default language. Messages for any secondary languages will be sent to devices with locales that match those secondary languages.

Once saved, you can preview each language by clicking the preview icon, which will update the Live Preview.

To Swap the default language, use the “Select language” dropdown.

Custom Sound

If you’ve bundled a custom sound with your app, you can specify the file name of the sound in the field provided. Your push notification will use the default sound if you leave this field empty.