Flurry Goals help you measure the impact of your push notifications.

Specify which event you want to monitor for a specific campaign and we will provide you Goal conversions for users triggering that event.

Set Up

During campaign set up, you may choose to select a Goal Event for the campaign. Any custom event you already send to Flurry may be selected. Goal Events are optional.



Your Goal metrics are reported on the Campaign List page and in Campaign Analytics.


Goal % reflects the number of Goal Event occurrences divided by the number of Push notifications successfully sent, expressed as a percent.

Goal Metric Calculation

Flurry will count a Goal Event conversion whenever a user triggers the chosen campaign Goal Event within 14 days of a push notification Sent to that user for that campaign.


Goal Events may occur even if a user doesn’t tap on the notification. For example, let’s say your Goal Event is VideoViewed and the Campaign is “Video Push”. A user is Sent a “Video Push” push notification on Day 0. The user swipes away or opens the push notification, but does not immediately trigger the VideoViewed event in your app. On Day 3, the user then triggers the VideoViewed event. Flurry will now consider this a Goal Event conversion, because the event trigger occurred within 14 days of being Sent the push. The Goal metrics for this campaign will reflect this successful conversion.

For Promotional ASAP, Promotional One Time, New User Retention and Event Driven campaigns, users will only be Sent one push notification. Therefore, only one Goal Event conversion may occur per user.

For daily, weekly or monthly campaigns, Flurry will use each Sent event to calculate Goal Event conversions. Therefore a user may convert multiple times for such campaigns, one Goal Event conversion for each push Sent. For example, if a user is Sent a weekly “Video Push” Campaign with Goal Event VideoViewed. In Week 1, the user triggers the VideoViewed Goal Event after being Sent the push. In Week 2, the user again triggers the VideoViewed event after being Sent the push. Both Goal Events will be reflected in Goal metric reporting. (Both Sent events are also reflected in the Goal % denominator in the campaign list.)