Campaign Dashboard

The Flurry Push Campaign Dashboard is where you can view, manage and monitor all of your Flurry Push Campaigns.

All push campaigns for the selected app - except any you have Archived - are shown on the dashboard initially, listed with the most recently created on top.

Use the Status Filter dropdown to view only the campaigns with a particular status, or to view your Archived campaigns.

Campaign status may be one of the following:

  • Draft

  • Active

  • Completed

  • Paused

  • Archived (not shown in the “All Campaigns” view)

The Search box, next to the status filter, may be used to find a particular campaign by its name.

Campaign List Table

The first column in the campaign table shows the status of the campaign. Click the column header to sort.

Next, the campaign name and the body of the push notification will be shown. Click on the campaign name to edit the campaign.

There are a set of icons next to the campaign details. These vary depending on the campaign status.

Campaign List Icons

For Active campaigns, the icons are as follow:

  • Pencil - Edit the campaign.

  • Chart - View campaign Analytics.

  • Pause - Pause the campaign. (Paused campaigns will show a “Play” button which can be used to reactivate the Campaign.) Not that if you Pause a campaign as it is being delivered, you may cause some or all Push notifications to not be delivered.

  • Clone - Create a new campaign for the same app with all of the same targeting parameters, delivery selections, push title, push body and other setting.

  • Archive - Move the campaign to an Archived state. (Archived campaigns are not shown in the All Campaigns list.)

The above icons (except for Pause/Play) are also shown for Completed campaigns.

Draft campaigns have a Delete (trash) icon, which can be used to delete the campaign (cannot be undone).

Archived campaigns have an Unarchive button, which will return the campaign to the All Campaigns list.

Sent and Open %

Top level stats for the campaign are shown next to the Creation Date column.

Flurry Push tracks both the number of notifications Sent and the number Opened. The Sent metric reflects how many pushes were successfully Sent by Flurry. The Open metric reflects users who tapped on the push. The Open % reported here is the number of Opens divided by the number successfully Sent, shown as a percentage. Note that stats will only be shown here within hours of the first notifications being sent for the campaign.

To dig deeper into a Campaign’s metrics, click the chart icon for a Campaign or the Analytics link in the left-hand nav.


If “You haven’t provided a push credential” is shown on the dashboard page, this means you must provide valid credentials for your app. (Refer to the Flurry Push “Authorization” documentation.)