Push Authorization

Flurry Push allows you to send push notifications to iOS users via Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and to Android users via Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

In order to enable Flurry to send push notifications to users of your apps who have opted in for Push notifications, you must provide credentials for these services.

  • For iOS apps, you must provide the APNs cert for the app.

  • For Android apps, you must provide the FCM server key for the app.

The place to provide these credentials is on your application’s page in Flurry Admin > Apps. On your app page, there is a Messaging section, including Credentials, Quiet Hours and Message Caps. Click the “+Add Credential” button to add the appropriate credential for your app.


For a general overview of APNs authorization, please visit Apple’s documentation for APNs.

For a general overview of Firebase Cloud Messaging, please review the FCM documentation.

There is a Credential validity indicator (the empty, red or green circles next to the app names) on the app list page in admin.

iOS Authorization

Assuming you have already created an App and App ID for your app with Apple, with Push Notifications enabled, the next step is to generate a certificate.

  1. Start by Generating a Certificate in Keychain Access.

  • Launch the Keychain Access application in your Mac OS X

  • Select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority

  • Enter email address and check the “Saved to disk” option

  • Click Continue and Save the Certificate

  1. Generate a Prod or Development Certificate to upload to Flurry.

  • Log into your Apple developer account

  • Go to App IDs

  • Click Edit button

  • Click the “Create Certificate” button for either the Development SSL Certificate or Production SSL Certificate

  • Click Continue

  • Click “Choose file” and select the certificate from Keychain Access from step 1 and click Continue

  • Click “Download”

  1. Generate a .p12 certificate.

  • Double click certificate generated in Step 2

  • Go to Keychain Access

  • Select “login” keychain

  • Select “My Certificates” from the left-hand nav

  • Right-click the certificate to export

  • Enter certificate name and click Save

  • Enter password for certificate and click OK. Remember this as you’ll use it when you upload the Cert to Flurry

  • Enter your computer’s admin password

  1. Upload the Cert in Flurry.

  • Go to Flurry Admin > Apps

  • Select Edit for the App corresponding to the Cert

  • Click “+Add Credential”

  • Choose which environment the Certificate is for (Refer below)

  • Upload the credential, and input the Password you entered in Step 3

  • Click Save

Certificate Types

You may generate either a Production or a Development Certificate. In order to deliver push notifications to users of your app, you must provide Flurry a valid Production Certificate. Flurry automatically sends to the proper environment based on these rules:

  • If you only provide a valid Production Cert, Flurry will deliver your campaigns through the APNs Production endpoint to devices which have production push tokens.

  • If you only provide a valid Development Cert, Flurry will deliver your campaigns through the APNs Sandbox endpoint to devices which have sandbox push tokens.

  • If you provide both a Development Cert and a Production Cert, Flurry will smartly deliver notifications based on the environment of the push tokens we have for the specified app.

  • For test push, we will deliver to push tokens associated with the device ID or to the device with the token you provide when sending the test push.


Make sure that you update your cert before it expires. And if you generate a new one for your app at any point, remember to upload a new one in Flurry – we can’t deliver push notifications if the one we have becomes invalid.

Android Authorization

In order to send pushes to Android users, Flurry uses Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). To set up authorization in Flurry, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Firebase Console.

  2. Click the Settings icon

  3. Click Project Settings

  4. Click on the Cloud Messaging tab

  5. Copy the string under “Server Key”


  1. Go to Flurry Admin > Apps

  2. Select Edit for the App corresponding to the Server Key

  3. Click “+Add Credential”

  4. Paste the Server Key in the field provided

  5. Click Save