Flurry Push Notifications and Messaging

Target. Engage. Retain.

Push notifications are now available in Flurry as part of the Flurry Marketing Suite!

Flurry Push enables app developers to send targeted messages to re-engage and retain users across Android and iOS. Mobile developers can leverage the power of push notifications to effectively grow usage and revenue – all for free, all now available in Flurry.

With Flurry Push, developers have the option to choose between three types of push notification campaigns:


  1. Promotional: Send one-time, daily, weekly, or as-it-happens push notifications to drive engagement with new features, events, contests or other app content.


  1. New User Retention: Convert new users to active users and increase overall retention.

  1. Event Driven: Re-engage and convert users following a specific event or behavior within the app.

Features of Flurry Push include:

  • Triggered Push Notifications - Automatically send push notifications to users based on app-install time, event triggers, app usage (or lack thereof) and other audience attributes.

  • Powerful Segmentation: - Target users by:
    • App-specific behavior - Activity/Inactivity and app behaviors, using both Events and Event Parameters

    • Geographic location - Region or Country

    • Language - Including device language specific targeting within a single Push Campaign

    • Demographics - Use our Estimated Age and Estimated Gender

    • Technographic attributes - Device model, app version, and operating system

    • Install date - Including rolling campaigns to target users on Day 1, Day 3, Day 7 post-install or any lifecycle stage you want

    • Prior Push Campaigns - Follow up on previous push notifications to reinforce your messaging

    • Save and target the same User Segments you analyze in Flurry Explorer!

  • All-time lookback - Leverage a user’s entire event history to send push, leveraging years of behavioral data to target your push.

  • Emojis - Choose from a full library of emojis to increase your open rates.

  • Push analytics - Review push Sent and Open rates, and slice and dice notification stats to understand push campaign performance over time.

  • User time zones: Reach users at the time of day when they’re most likely to engage with your app.

  • Custom Quiet hours: For campaigns blasted out at a single time (universal time zone), make sure you don’t annoy users while they may be sleeping overnight.

  • Message caps: Use daily, weekly or monthly maximums to avoid turning off users by sending too many messages.

  • In-browser Push preview: Get a look at your notifications as you configure your push campaigns.

  • Test push: Make sure your test pushes appear and open properly by sending test pushes to your devices using either device advertising IDs or push tokens.

  • One-stop Analytics: Analyze app KPIs and push notification campaigns all through the same analytics platform, all for free.

Get Started

  1. Integrate the push code for Android or iOS

  2. Upload your push credentials in Flurry Admin > Apps

  3. Send yourself a test push to verify your setup