Flurry iOS Monetization and GDPR

(updated: April 15, 2018, 11:00AM Pacific)

Two ways to pass GDPR scope/ end user consent to Flurry SDK:

  1. App can provide the user consent data as part of initialization in the builder using the below API to construct the FlurryConsent object.

    //initialize a new FlurryConsent

    - (FlurryConsent*) initWithGDPRScope:(BOOL)inGDPRScope andConsentStrings:(NSDictionary*)consentStrings;

    //register the consent before initializing Flurry

    - (FlurrySessionBuilder*) withConsent:(FlurryConsent*) consent;

  2. Post Flurry SDK initialization or if end user consent changes during app usage, consent state can be updated using the following API

    //updating consent information. Returns if the consent information passed is valid

    + (BOOL) updateConsentInformation:(FlurryConsent*)consent;

    + (FlurryConsent*) getConsent;

Sample code:

Init Flurry with consent:

To set/update consent: