Yahoo App Publishing lets you analyze the performance of all your ad inventory in a single view.

You can view common performance metrics by Application, Ad Unit, Geography or Ad Source. Select any of these next to Report On to get started.

Dimension Selection

By default, the top three entities by revenue will be included as selected entities. For example, if you select Report On Applications, you will see your top revenue-producing apps as colored bricks. The apps selected as colored bricks determine the lines shown in the chart and the apps in the Activity Detail Table. When you return to the page, the bricks will appear in the most recent state.

Click the + in an empty brick to add entities to view in the chart. Click the X in any brick to remove an entity from the chart.

You can select all apps by selecting the “All Apps” group in the dropdown or by deselecting all of the colored bricks. There are also standard app groups for all of your iOS Apps and Android apps.


You can filter your reporting by Application, Ad Unit, Geography, Ad Source or Date. Note, however, that any entity selected in your “Report On” drop down is not shown in the filter section.

To filter your reporting, click Add Filter. Then, in the box provided for each filter, type the first few letters of the item you want to filter by. You will see matching items populate in real-time. Click the items to add to the filters.

Your filters apply to all data shown in Reporting: the KPI bar, the line charts, the geo chart and the activity detail table.

Filter by Date

You can filter your reports by date. By default, reporting shows the last 30 days. Click the date range to select a custom date range.

You can also change the granularity of the reporting shown in the line chart. By default, data in the chart is reported by Days. You can change the chart to show daily, weekly or monthly data points using the dropdown next to your selected date range.

Notes on the Date filter granularity:

  • To report by week, your start date must be a Monday and end date must be a Sunday

  • To report by Month, your start date must be the first day of a month and your end date must be the last day of a month.

KPI Bar and Charts

The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) bar summarizes report data by these metrics:

  • Revenue

  • Impressions

  • eCPM

  • Fill Rate

  • Clicks

The numbers shown in the KPI bar include the sum of all activity based on your selected colored bricks and your filters.

The KPI bar is interactive. Choose up to three KPIs to add a line chart for that KPI.

Geo chart

The Geography chart shows metrics for up to 10 countries. By default, revenue is shown. Click the drop down arrow to report any of the following by geo:

  • Revenue

  • Impressions

  • eCPM

  • Fill Rate

  • Clicks

  • Requests

  • Ads Received

  • Impression Fill Rate

Activity Detail

The activity detail shows reporting for the entity selected in “Report On” at the top of the page. Change your Report On dimension to change what is shown in the rows of the Activity Detail table.

  1. Click the column headers to sort by that column.

  2. Click the arrow on the left-hand side of the table to view by date.

You may export Activity Detail in CSV format.

Click the Export link on the upper right of the table.

  • Choose All [Entity] to export a CSV with all of the entities in your Report On selection included.

  • Choose Selected [Entity] to export a CSV file with only the entities matching your Report On colored bricks included.

Exports include date range and granularity selected in your date filters.