Using Yahoo App Publishing, you can create Native Ad Units.

Create Native Ad Units

To create an ad unit and monetize with Native ads, follow these steps.

  1. Name your ad unit.

  2. Select the application for your ad unit.

  3. Leave Type as Standard.

  4. Select the Stream Placement type:

native ad stream placement

  1. Select the Native Ad Details that best match the format of the native ads you want in your app:

  • Basic ads include headline, summary and branding logo.

  • Card ads include a headline, summary, branding logo overlaid on a high quality image.

  • Detailed Card ads include headline, summary, branding logo adjacent to a high quality image.

native ad types

You can now save your ad unit.


Look for a green success banner at the top of this page to ensure your ad unit has successfully saved. Should it not save correctly, you will not be able to retrieve ads later on. Clicking “save” again should resolve this issue.


Ensure that you have integrated the latest SDK.

Native ads are delivered from Yahoo Gemini and Yahoo programmatic partners.

For more information on Native Ad Design Guidelines, refer to Yahoo Native Advertising Guidelines.