Advanced Configuration

Using Yahoo App Publishing, you can set ad filters to protect your apps from certain types of ads. You can also set Test Device IDs to test your apps with ads from Yahoo.

Filter Ad Units

You can blacklist certain advertiser domains, demand IAB categories or advertiser app IDs from serving ads in your ad unit.

  • To blacklist an advertiser domain, enter the web site domain of the advertiser in the Advertiser Domain field in filters. You may enter more than one.

  • To blacklist an IAB Category, select any IAB categories that you’d like to block.

  • To blackslit an App ID, search by App name or bundle ID (Android) or App Store ID (iOS). To find an app bundle ID or app store, you can search the app store or Play store and find the ID in the URL. You may also search by app name and Yahoo App Publishing will block by ID for you.

Test Device IDs

Using Test Device IDs allows you to ensure fill for your ad unit, so that you will always get an ad during testing on a specific device. Simply enter the IDFA (iOS) or GPAID (Android) in the Test Device IDs box in Advanced Options on the Ad Unit creation page.

Learn More

To create Gemini native stream ad unit, refer to Native Ad Space Setup.

To set up Video ads, refer to Video Ad Setup.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), check FAQs for Publishers.