Interstitial Ads

Because every app is different, Flurry encourages you to experiment to find what works best.

Use Flurry Analytics to determine places in your app with the highest user traffic. Typically, good placements include:

  • Games: On game launch, when the user completes a level

  • Social Networks: User completes an engagement (call, text, video)

  • Entertainment: User completes consuming media (video, music)

  • Content & Media: User completes consuming content

  • Utility: User completes using the tool

Interstitial Integration

The following section provides an example of an interstitial integration.

The basic steps involve fetching an ad and displaying the ad when it is prepared and made available.

Interstitials ad serving flow is best implemented with the fetchAd and displayAd methods and the FlurryAdListener interface.

To be notified of certain events during the full lifecycle of the Ad, implement the FlurryAdInterstitialListener interface and then call the setListener method to attach your implementation of FlurryAdInterstitialListener to the Flurry SDK. You will need to implement the following callback methods:

Run the app to see an Interstitial ad display.

You should now see an ad similar to the following:

android phone

If you are not seeing any ads, check the Troubleshooting section in FAQs for Android.

Learn More

For detailed information on the Java classes and methods available in the SDK, check out the API Reference documentation for Android.