Configure Ad Serving (Optional)

You can use a number of targeting parameters to modify the behavior of your ad units.

Beginning with version 6.x, Flurry SDK’s Object API supports ad targeting using an object of FlurryAdTargeting.

FlurryAdTargeting is a container for various properties to target an ad unit effectively such as:

Targeting Parameters

The following table describes the targeting parameters supported for ad serving in SDK 6.x:




Use this field to fetch test ads from the Flurry server during app development. Test ads won’t monetize and are provided for integration test only. Ensure that you set this to false before the app is launched.


The user device location information can be attached to the FlurryAdTargeting object if the app has permission to do so. Once the app obtains permission, FlurryAd objects sends the location information to Flurry servers to support effective ad targeting.


UserCookies allow the app to specify information about a user executing an ad action. On ad click, a UserCookie key/value is transmitted to the Flurry servers. The UserCookie key/value pairs will be transmitted back to the developer via the app callback if one is set. This is useful for (server-side) rewarded inventory, to identify which of your users should be rewarded when a reward callback is sent.


Keywords specify information about a user executing an ad action for the purposes of targeting. There is one keywords object that is transmitted to the Flurry servers on each ad request. If corresponding keywords are matched on the ad server, a subset of targeted ads will be delivered. Use keywords targeting to supply custom information tracked internally by your app.

Learn More

For detailed information on the Objective-C classes and methods available in the SDK, check out the API Reference documentation for iOS.