Flurry Android Monetization and GDPR

(updated: April 13, 2018, 11:00AM Pacific)

Two ways to pass GDPR scope/ end user consent to Flurry SDK:

  1. App can provide the user consent data as part of initialization in the builder using the below API to construct the FlurryConsent object.

    public FlurryConsent(boolean isGdprScope, @Nullable Map<String, String> consentStrings)

  2. Post Flurry SDK initialization or if end user consent changes during app usage, consent state can be updated using the following API


    *public synchronized static boolean updateFlurryConsent(Consent flurryConsent)
    • returns true if consent is valid*

    *public synchronized static Consent getFlurryConsent()
    • Return Flurry consent set by updateFlurryConsent(Consent) or FlurryAgent.Builder.withConsent(Consent)*

Sample Code

init flurry with consent:

Map<String, String> consentStrings = new HashMap<>();

consentStrings.put(“IAB”, iabString);

new FlurryAgent.Builder()


.withConsent(new FlurryConsent(true, consentStrings))



To set/ update consent:

FlurryAgent.updateFlurryConsent(new FlurryConsent(false, consentStrings));