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The functionalities to set up new ad units as part of a new publisher account have been discontinued. If you are interested in becoming a publisher, please contact the team at

Yahoo App Publishing provides a flexible ad-serving platform that is easy to set up and use, enabling you to monetize your app by maximizing ad revenue and engaging with your users. As a Publisher, you can drive revenue by creating interstitials, native and video ads for your app.

What’s New

Along with Flurry Analytics, we now offer new app monetization tools for Publishers who monetize with ads from Yahoo App Publishing.

You can now see all of your reporting and manage your inventory & rewards in this new platform.

The new reporting capability includes enhanced filtering, comparison and charting tools. And your inventory management can now be done more easily and quickly.

To learn more about the new portal, click one of the Learn More links below.

Getting Started

Using a lightweight SDK, you can integrate Yahoo App Publishing into your app quickly. Below you’ll find integration guides for both iOS and Android.

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To take advantage of the Yahoo App Publishing platform, explore these options:



Basic Ad Unit Setup

Create an ad unit and configure ads for display.
Managing Rewards
  • Set Up Client-Side Rewarded Ads

  • Set Up Rewarded Ads tied to the Flurry Reward System

Directly monetize your ad space in return for granting a currency to the user.


Analyze the performance of all your ad campaigns in a single view.

Mediating Yahoo App Publishing via

Yahoo App Publishing can be mediated as a 3rd party network on a number of publisher platforms via custom SDK adapters provided for integration with your main ad serving SDK. Flurry mediation provides support for iOS and Android with Flurry AdMob, MoPub and DFP partners.

Check out the Yahoo App Publishing FAQs for specific answers to your most frequently asked monetization questions.

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