Integrate Flurry SDK for Android

Integrate with the Flurry SDK to start logging events and monetizing your apps.

  1. Create an App

  2. Install Flurry Android SDK

  3. Initialize Flurry SDK

  • Prerequisites: Android API level 16 and higher

Create an App & Get Your API Key

Start by creating an app. Once you create the app, you’ll receive a Flurry API Key, which you’ll need when using the SDK.


You need to have the administrator role on your company’s account to be able to create a new app within the company.

Sign up  or  Create an App for Android


For each distinct app that you create, you’ll need to acquire a unique Flurry API Key.

Install Flurry Android SDK


As of Flurry SDK 12.0.0, the Flurry SDK is provided in the AAR format, we no longer provide .jar files.

If you are looking to manually download the Flurry SDK and add the .aar files follow the instructions for Manual SDK Integrations.

We recommend installing the Flurry SDK via Maven Central, instructions are as follows.

Install via Maven Central

You can add the Flurry SDK to your application by including the following in your build.gradle file:

For android manifest:


Since you are adding the AAR format of the Flurry dependencies, you do not need to modify your AndroidManifest files or ProGuard configuration.

Initialize Flurry

Add the following calls by using the FlurryAgent.Builder to initialize the Flurry SDK with your project’s API key. We generally expect users to initialize FlurryAgent in their Application class, and pass in the Application context. Flurry starts a new session when the next Activity is in the foreground.

As of Flurry SDK 14.0.0:

It is safe to call the Builder more than once, provided that the same API key is used throughout the application.

Now test run the Android app and ensure that it builds and runs without errors. If everything is working properly, a session will be recorded in Flurry and should be visible on the Real Time dashboard within 30 seconds**.


If you created the Flurry app within the last 5 minutes, the app may not yet be live on our servers and thus will not reflect real-time data. Re-run your app after 5 minutes to see your session recorded on the Real Time dashboard.

Congratulations! The app is now integrated with Flurry Analytics!

Integrating Other Analytics Features

Once the basic SDK integration setup is complete, move on to Custom Events, Revenue Analytics, Crash Analytics, and other Advanced Features are available for integration on your app.

Need Help?

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