Integrate Flurry

Integrating the Flurry SDK with your app is simple and straightforward to accomplish. Integration should take you less than five minutes.

Before you begin, you’ll need to know for which platform you’re developing and which service you require: either Flurry Analytics or Flurry Advertising (or both).

  • Flurry Analytics is an app analytics system that allows you to log and track events within your app in order to gain insight about your users.
  • Flurry Advertising is an ad-serving platform built to manage ad placements within your app for easy monetization.

Once you create an app in the Flurry Development Portal and get your Flurry API key, we recommend installing the Flurry SDK via CocoaPods for iOS or jcenter for Android. (Manual installation steps are also provided.) After installation, you’ll just need to initialize your app with the API Key to start using the Flurry SDK.

Integration Paths

Follow these paths to integrate your app with the Flurry SDK for Analytics, Advertising, or both:

Path Description
Integrate Flurry SDK with iOS Describes how to integrate your iOS app with the Flurry SDK for either Objective-C or Swift apps.
Integrate Flurry SDK with Android Describes how to integrate your Android app with the Flurry SDK.
Integrate Flurry SDK with watchOS Describes how you can integrate your Apple watchOS with the Flurry SDK.
Integrate Flurry SDK with tvOS Describes how to integrate tvOS with Flurry SDK.

Need Help?

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